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Arboricultural Consultancy in Stroud

News Posted on Sun, July 29, 2018 10:33:24

Arboricultural Consultancy in Stroud

NewsPosted by Pat
Baldwin Sun, July 29, 2018 10:30:54

Treeation are able to offer tree
inspections and tree surveys to Stroud, Nailsworth, Gloucester, Cheltenham and
Bristol and surrounding areas. We have all the correct qualifications that
enables us to prove competency and the correct insurance for peace of mind.
Treeation provide the following Arboricultural consultancy services from our
base in Stroud. Please use our main website and go to “Survey” for
more details or contact Patrick directly via email on or
via telephone on 07702 157 124

Tree condition Survey – Climbing Aerial Inspection – Detailed Tree Inspection –
Tree Health problems Diagnosis

Tree inventory – General tree advice –
Conservation and Tree Preservation Order applications – Felling licence
applications –

Woodland Management plans and surveys –
Countryside Stewardship applications and management

I can provide consultancy services to domestic/commercial clients as well as on
sub-contracted basis to other tree surgery firms.
Travel – Most of my consultancy work takes place in the Stroud area but I am
happy to consider travelling further afield (travel costs will apply). Please
contact me directly via phone or email to discuss further.

I have been working in Arboriculture since 2005 and hold a Technician’s
membership with the Arboricultural Association. I have a Lantra certificate in
Professional Tree Inspection gained in April 2016 and attended an Advanced Tree
Inspection course delivered by Simon Scotting Tree Consultancy & Training
in December 2015. I also completed a level 4 National Diploma in Arboriculture
in 2017 with the very well respected Treelife. I am a professional member of
the Consulting Arborist Society and have full professional indemnity with Trust
Insurance for £1million which covers me to give professional arboricultural
advice. Patrick Baldwin

Treeation Charcoal business is Underway!

News Posted on Sat, May 30, 2015 22:43:29

In summer 2014, Pat Baldwin & Dave Carter celebrated their first successful charcoal burn at Days Cottage Woods, Brookthorpe. The duo used hardwood branchwood from restoration works from the woodland project and made top quality BBQ charcoal with it. The BBQ charcoal is available from Days Cottage stand at the Farmers Market Stroud on saturdays, from Stroud Valleys Project or can be purchased directly from

Treeation works for BBC!

News Posted on Sat, May 30, 2015 22:36:39

During the summer of 2014 Treeation gained an interesting new client. The BBC were filming J.K.Rowlings latest film “The Casual Vacancy” in the Stroud area. They had chosen a number of remote countryside locations to film and to set-up the temporary head quarters. Access had to be modified in order to get artic lorries full of media equipment into rural locations. Treeation undertook the essential treework at a number of locations by taking out obstructing limbs.

Forestry Fencing Project

News Posted on Sun, October 27, 2013 09:59:43

Its been a great start to the summer! Wild flowers litter grassy woodland rides with floating butterflies. Bright wintery stands of naked broadleaves turn in to cool shady escapes from the intense sun. The woodland has become an orchestra of life with buzzing bees, melodic birds and rustling poplar leaves in the summer breeze. Along with the feeling of vitality, sun kissed cheeks and a superb farmers tan comes the horse flies, the midges, the mosquitoes, the tics and the intense heat.

But we take the rough with the smooth and so far this summer has been working out well for Treeation. These hot summer days have ensured the ground has been kept lovely and dry and access to the woods has been incredible. This time last year I was undertaking a survey on a block Semi natural woodland in Gloucestershire. The access is somewhat primitive to the woods and in combination with one of the wettest summers for decades my thoughts of getting any vehicles into this woodland and getting the woodland back into management were overshadowed by a foot of slimy, squelchy clay!

This year all is well though and Treeation have been working hard on installing several fence lines on the Brentlands Estate. All of which will be essential for keeping stock out of the woodland and allowing some regeneration of a woodland where presently no saplings are growing. This actually means that the woodland is decline and is dying as there as no baby trees to replace the older generations of trees. The saplings are favoured by ponies, rabbits and deer as a tasty food source as there are succulent and easily reachable. So far the team have installed around 800m of livestock fencing with another 400m to go. The fencing is constructed to a high standard that meets Forestry Commission standards satisfying eligibility for the English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS).

The fencing tasks have been enjoyed by the Treeation team and what we have found particularly rewarding is the knowledge that the “controlled grazing” situation will bring huge benefits to the survival of existing woodland as well as being a useful tool for ensuring permanent open spaces are kept well managed by a herd of local ponies.

The summer is also a busy time for pruning trees. We get lots of domestic tree surgery jobs in now. We book a lot of crown reductions in between early summer and the start of autumn. We also do a lot of fruit trees (especially stone fruit – to avoid the risk of silver leaf fungus) as well as lots of shrub and hedge cutting at this time of the year.

New woodland management project

News Posted on Sun, May 19, 2013 23:05:47

Winter 2012/2013

Brentlands Estate & Days Cottage Project

One of the longest winters I can remember! We
had plenty of good proper winter weather with lots of snow, ice &
frost but didnt it just seem to go on and on?!

Pic – Tooled up for the day to fell 2 big conifers

Treeation undertook a
new exciting project for Brentlands Estate & Days Cottage in Gloucestershire. The
initial stage of work was based around surveying 5 small blocks of
woodland within the estate. Several visits were made during the time
span of a year covering all the four seasons in order to attain a good
picture of what we were dealing with.

A Forestry Commission 5
year management plan and a Conditions Operations and Threat assesment
(COT) were prepared by Treeation which will helps all parties gain a
better understanding of the woodland as well as providing a detailed
work plan that promotes greater biodiversity, illustrates work plans,
monitoring, and looks at income generation. We also want to become
certified with the United Kingdom Woodland Assurance Standard ukwas)
which is an independent certification standard for verifying sustainable
woodland management in the UK. We hope tobe UKWAS certified by summer
2013 and this status is as good as having the Forestry Stweardship
Council’s (Fsc) stamp of approval. This will be great for us aswell as
ensuring our management is being done in a sustainable manner it will
also help us with marketing and our products as customers will know we
are managing our woods responsibly.

Pic – A very large & old, orchard apple tree covered in mistle toe clumps

We were then able to apply
for grants from the English Woodland Grants Scheme (EWGS). This scheme
gives woodland owners and managers a great opportunity to access
grant-aided funds which are available for many different woodland
management activities.

Practical management has now started in
the woods! It feels great to actually be doing the practical work which
has taken so many hours of preperation and planning.

The first
job we undertook was attempting to save some of the veteran pollards
from peeling and collapsing into bits. The pollards hadnt been cut for
70-90 years so we took quite a cautious approach as too much of a shock
at this stage may have caused dramatic stress leading to the possibilty
of fungal and pathogen invasion.

We left large sap risers in each
of the 3 pollards to encourage movement of water and sugars to carry on
and to act as umbrellas helping to reduce moisture loss through the
pruning cuts. Now all we can do is cross our fingers and monitor new
growth over the next 3 years. If everything goes well we will remove the
sap risers and reduce the length of stubs at the end of the 3 years and
should then be back to a pollard in a rotation of 20years!

Pics – Top – Before & After pollard. Bottom – aerial shot in overstood pollard & stub cuts on pollard.

Other jobs on the estate have included removal of 2 large leylandiis (in the snow!) partly overhanging a busy road, crown reducing with coronet cuts a large ash which is riddled with Innotus hispidus and working on some large apple trees removing huge excesses of mistletoe. The mistletoe starts to kill off limbs after a while and the excess weight and increased sail factor leads to an increase in limb snap and even windthrow of the whole tree.

Pic – Dismantling 1 of 2 large conifers overhanging a road